Episode 10

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16th Jul 2020

Episode 10: Edna Martinson and Clarence Tan, Co-Founders of Boddle Learning

Join Atento Capital for the 10th episode of the Be Atento podcast. In this episode we talk with Atento’s most recent investment, Edna Martinson and Clarence Tan, the co-founders of Boddle Learning. Boddle is a learning platform on a mission to engage K-6 students by gamifying online courses and real-world learning opportunities to improve student outcomes. By helping educators deliver fun practice and assessments with automated reporting, Boddle's learning platform engages kids in learning even the most difficult of subjects and uses game rewards to incentivize and motivate them to achieve more. Tune in to learn more about how they came up with the idea, their journey as founders, and why they are excited to move their company to Tulsa.To learn more about Atento Capital, check out our website: https://www.atentocapital.com/Subscribe to the Be Atento Podcast anywhere podcasts can be found, if you need help, check us out on Podfollow: https://podfollow.com/1499376646 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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Atento Capital is an early-stage investment firm focused on unlocking unsung potential. From our offices in Tulsa and NW Arkansas, leading markets for innovation in the heartland, we identify high-potential ideas and individuals and then invest the early-stage funding and human capital needed to take ventures from 0-1 and 1-10. The BeAtento Podcast explores the founders, partners, funders, and systems that work together to transform the heartland into the nation’s most equitable tech hub.

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