Episode 3

Published on:

28th Jan 2021

Cecilia Wessinger and Building a Real Ecosystem

Join Atento Capital for the second episode of Season 2 of our podcast, Be Atento. In this episode, we talk with Cecilia Wessinger, an ecosystem builder, community catalyst and collaborator. Cecilia joins us to discuss what it means to build an ecosystem, what it means to be a healthy entrepreneur, and the power of saying no. She also discusses the appeal of Tulsa, and what keeps her here as opposed to other cities. We also exchange our experiences at the ESHIP Summit, a gathering of entrepreneurial leaders where ideas and leadership skills are developed and shared. If you are someone looking for guidance and collaboration in the business or entrepreneurial field, you can learn more about Cecilia Wessinger and get in touch with her at her website.

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Be Atento is brought to you by Atento Capital, a Tulsa-based investment fund focused on both returns and local economic development. Atento means helpful, careful, thoughtful, conscientious, and polite in Spanish as we seek to embody these characteristics to all of our stakeholders.

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