Episode 4

Published on:

27th Feb 2021

Ciore Taylor, Economic Development, and Self-Advocacy

Join Atento Capital for the third episode of Season 2 of our podcast, Be Atento. In this episode, we talk with Cioré Taylor, the director of entrepreneurial development and education at The TEDC (Tulsa Economic Development Corporation) Creative Capital. Cioré addresses various different topics including how to become a motivated entrepreneur, and what the city of Tulsa has to offer and what it needs to work on to welcome young entrepreneurs. She also discusses her goal of wanting to support and influence 1,000 women during the year 2021. Cioré is a published author, with books such as “The Conversation Starts Here: A Perspective of Self, Culture, and the American Society” and “Pressing Past the Pain: Her Heart Waits : Volume 1”. You can also find Cioré on the “The Stimulus with Cioré and Johnathon” radio show. You can tune in at KBOB 89.9 FM or KBOB899.com. To learn more about Cioré Taylor, visit her website, or her Instagram.

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Be Atento is brought to you by Atento Capital, a Tulsa-based investment fund focused on both returns and local economic development. Atento means helpful, careful, thoughtful, conscientious, and polite in Spanish as we seek to embody these characteristics to all of our stakeholders.

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